Alethic is a practice-as-research thesis concerning mechanisms for consumer behavioural manipulation on social media, and the relationship between fake news and ancient myth.

However, Alethic also takes another form: a series of five short documentaries.

But there is a catch - some of the documentaries are fabricated. Can you decipher the factual from the fictitious?

This site gives an overview of the films, the research foundation, and how you can take part in this brand-new way of researching.

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I am a current PhD researcher at the University of Salford, studying the relationship between fake news, ancient myth, and modern perceptions of truth, via research-by-practice.

With five years of experience working within the television and online media sectors, I have a wide variety of projects under my belt: ranging from production assistant on Ian Brown music videos, to short form producer for BBC Music Day, and APC on high-end television dramas Endeavour and Victoria.


Moving from the TV industry back into academia has been incredibly rewarding, and I now lecture in TV Development, Production Management, and New Media. My research interests include linguistics, queer theory, and structuralism; in which I have published two papers, and received the Panel Prize at SPARC 2022.  In my spare time, I can often be found cuddling one of my four cats.

Twitter: @benwarbs

Instagram: @benwarbs

New Project (5).png